What People Are Saying

What a wonderful and valuable resource you are providing! Taking advantage of technology to provide a festival opportunity is brilliant. Bravo to those who conceived and implemented the eFestival.

Rosemary Olsen, Utah

I support the idea of an eFestival to give opportunities for more students to gain valuable feedback no matter where they are located.

—Clinton Pratt, Ohio

The MTNA eFestival is a great idea and an excellent opportunity for students.

—Spring Seals, Texas

This program is amazing! I can only think of how encouraging this would have been in my own development as I was considering which direction I wanted to take in my life. Some of my personal choices were based on the fact that I didn't believe in my talents. My teacher and my parents believed in me, but in my mind their voice didn't "count". However, had I received another impartial voice stating that I had potential I could only imagine how this could have impacted my choices as a young adult.

—Joy Smith, Ohio

As a dedicated music teacher who has spent time teaching students in rural areas, I know firsthand how difficult it can be for students to access adjudicated events and to experience the same vital opportunities that others may take for granted.

—Lillie Gardner, Minnesota

What a cool idea! Many students don’t have the opportunity to perform in an adjudicated festival due to where they live or schedule conflicts, and many adults students want feedback but don’t necessarily want to participate in a live festival.

—Ann Chen, Michigan

There are times when students and their teachers want feedback from another musical professional. 

—Ann Chen, Michigan

The MTNA eFestival caters to a unique group and fills a new niche of students who are either self-studying, studying in remote areas, want a second opinion, want to push themselves to some sort of testing but not interested in or ready for exams with theory, technique, sight reading, ear training, etc. This could be great for adult students, and teachers who want to get back into playing. 

—Grant Kondo, California

It is important for musicians to have a way to be evaluatedespecially those that are quite a distance from a metropolitan area. Distance should not prevent improvement or suggestions.

—Melissa Falkner, Kansas

HOW ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!!!!! CUDOS to whoever had this relevant idea!!!!!!!!!!!

—Glenda Potts

What a fantastic opportunity for students!

—Liana Valente, Virginia