MTNA eFestival Evaluators

MTNA is not currently accepting additional evaluator applications.

MTNA is seeking qualified individuals to serve as Evaluators for the MTNA eFestival Program. The program is an online-only performance opportunity for all music students regardless of age or performance level. The goal of the MTNA eFestival is for students to receive positive, constructive critiques on their playing from a highly-qualified evaluator.

MTNA eFestival Evaluators must demonstrate a commitment to providing positive, encouraging, and constructive insights to students’ performances in a professional and courteous manner and within established deadlines. Each online performance will be a maximum of 15-minutes, and Evaluators will be compensated $15.00 for each performance.

To apply, please click here and complete the online application. Successful candidates will be notified within a month. Questions should be directed to Amy Immerman, MTNA eFestival Manager, at

The application process to become an MTNA eFestival Evaluator consists of three steps:

Step 1:       Describe your background and reasons for wanting to become an MTNA eFestival Evaluator.

Step 2:       Perform an actual evaluation of a sample MTNA eFestival student performance.

Step 3:       Agree to evaluator guidelines and requirements


  • Write a short paragraph on your musical background and experiences. Include such things as degrees, certifications, and evaluation experience.
  • Write a short paragraph on why you want to be an MTNA eFestival Evaluator.


You will be provided a sample MTNA eFestival student performance. Please write your critique of the performance using the included Evaluation Form. Please remember that your feedback should be positive, encouraging, and constructive. There is no rating system. Your critique should focus on such things as musicality, expression, stage presence, and poise. You may refer to a precise place in the video for specific comments (e.g. at 1’40”, you handled the complicated rhythm well). Please do not comment on the quality of video, background noises, or other things beyond the performer’s control.

Please click here to watch the video performance.


Please click here to review the MTNA eFestival Evaluator Guidelines. By submitting your completed application, you agree to follow the guidelines.

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