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Vanessa Cornett, DMA, NCTM, directs the keyboard program at the University of St. Thomas and teaches piano as a collegiate and independent music teacher. She has represented the West Central Division on the MTNA nominating committee and has served on the MTNA Poster Session committee, the MTNA e-Journal Editorial committee, and as chair of the Minnesota MTA College Faculty Forum and Wellness Forum. She is a frequent presenter for MTNA and NCKP. “MTNA is a supportive and nurturing organization that has been vital to my professional growth as an educator. I am honored to work enthusiastically for the members of West Central Division,” she says.



Jill Hanrahan, NCTM, independent music teacher, became a member of MTNA in 1998 and has been an avid volunteer since. She’s received recognition and served in multiple positions: Permanent NCTM, MTNA Foundation Fellow, PTG Scholarship recipient, MTNA Local Association of the Year chair, West Central Division Competition coordinator, Colorado Music Teacher of the Year, and president of Pikes Peak MTA when they received the MTNA Local Association of the Year Award. “I believe that MTNA is the foundation and future for music teachers everywhere. It is a privilege to serve, give time, skills and experience to help the organization stay strong,” she says.


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MTNA is holding elections for Division Directors-elect who will serve on the Board of Directors during the 2018–2020 Biennium.

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