Division Directors Election

MTNA members are now electing Division Directors. Included here are the nominees as recommended by the MTNA Nominating Committee. The committee nominates two candidates for each position. 

In accordance with Article VI, Sec. 2 of the MTNA Bylaws, this slate of two candidates per office was prepared by the MTNA Nominating Committee. 

The February/March 2016 issue of American Music Teacher also contains a ballot and voting instructions. 

The nominating committee consists of Kenneth Christensen, NCTM, Bozeman, Montana, chair; Suzanne Torkelson, NCTM, Waverly, Iowa; Grace McFarlane, Washington, D.C.; Gary L. Ingle, Cincinnati, Ohio; Richard G. Van Dyke, NCTM, Cincinnati, Ohio; Rose Erwin, Sanford, Maine; Jody Graves, NCTM, Cheney, Washington; Roy Wylie, NCTM, Houston, Texas; Diane Higgins, NCTM, Charlotte, North Carolina; Cheryl Pachak-Brooks, NCTM, Portales, New Mexico; Marianne Fleming Bryan, NCTM, St. Paul, Minnesota.


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Division Slates

MTNA is holding elections for Division Directors-elect who will serve on the Board of Directors during the 2018–2020 Biennium.

Click on a link to view the nominees for each Division.


East Central Division

Eastern Division

Northwest Division

South Central Division

Southern Division

Southwest Division

West Central Division